A training program on paint and paint application for painting supervisors, aapplicators and painters was launched jointly by the Indian Paint Association and Bank of Baroda.

The recent programs under this initiative were organized at Lucknow from March 7-12, 2005 followed by a training programme at Gandhinagar from June 6-11, 2005 by Baroda Swarojgar Vikas Sansthan (BSVS), a Bank of Baroda institution. Over 15 participants attended and appreciated this well-structured, well- conducted and fully residential 6 day programme. The course included important aspects such as methods and techniques of paint application. In this series, next training program was held at Kolkata from July 25-30, 2005 covering the following:

A training course on paint and paint application was conducted for painting supervisors, applicators, and painters by Indian Paint Association and Baroda Swarojgar Vikas Sansthan.

There are 5 training centers run by the Bank of Baroda under the Baroda Swarojgar Vikas Sansthan scheme. They are located at Lucknow, Jaipur, Gandhinagar, Pune and Surat. The sole purpose of this programme is to focus the power of the youth in creating wealth, entrepreneurial development and also to train youths who are looking to start their ventures. Indian Paint Association in collaboration with the Bank of Baroda has initiated a certification course on painting for painters and painting supervisors.

The 1st training program was held at the Baroda Swarojgar Vikas Sansthan training centre, Lucknow from 7th to 12th March, 2005. It was a 6-day residential program, which incorporated lectures and practicals. This gave the participants an understanding of the behavioural nature of the required application and dos and don'ts of different types of Architectural Coatings. Experts from GNPL, APIL, Shalimar Paints, Surcoat Paints, Tata Motors, HBTI and Punjab Paint shared their valuable experiences over 5 days.

On the last day the participants were tested on how much they had grasped over the last 5 days. All the participants had secured ‘A’ grade and were consequently awarded their proficiency certificate by IPA-BOB. The feedback from the BOB officers was also very positive. They were eager for similar courses in other BOB training Centers at Gandhi Nagar, Surat, Pune and Jaipur.

The training for the western region painters were conducted at Gandinagar during 6-11 June, 2005. This was the second part of the series where the learnings and the experience taken from the first session was improved upon. Wood finishes is an important area which is rapidly developing was included in the course, as the technology in this sector was improving quickly.

Next in line was a course for the eastern region painters at Lucknow on 25th July, 2005.